Checking In, Before Checking Out

I hope everyone had a happy and (hopefully) stress-free holiday season! I had a full house on Christmas Friday, and thus spent most of the weekend resting and recuperating from being on my feet.

We are days away from the New Year, and for me — a week away from a transatlantic journey– this is the perfect time to think about upcoming goals and resolutions.

I started on some things for the New Year:

Being out of school for so long, I literally forgot how to study. So, for the past month I have been going to the library and printing papers related to the courses I will take. I also started an annotated bibliography so I can keep track of everything I have read.

I have also started saving my money…sort of. Well, let’s say I won’t be completely destitute on January 4th. I should still have enough for a commuter ticket when I arrive in London.

Although it is only two days away, there’s no reason to not start now on some of your goals! The sooner you embark on your journey, the sooner you get to where you’re going.

Trust me, especially for goal number two– I don’t know why I didn’t start in April!

Other than creating new goals, 2016 can also be a chance for a clean slate or a fresh start. Since last week, I have been saying my goodbyes, and telling friends and acquaintances of my upcoming departure date. One had remarked, “Its an excellent way to start the New Year!”

This semi-permanent move, which I have been thinking about for the better part of the year, has not been only about further education and career options. It has also been about pushing my independence, trying to make it on my own, and having a fresh start in a new place. A place where I will (initially) be anonymous and alone, and heck I’ll struggle.

This was really clear to me as I started packing and clearing out my drawers last night. I separated my clothing between the stuff I’d keep and what I will give away. Then I started organizing between the stuff I’d take and leave behind…and before I knew it, I was contemplating having boxes shipped to me since I couldn’t bring enough luggage (who can start over with only two bags?) on the plane and the anxiety started kicking in.


This is suppose to be a fresh start. Why do I want to bring so much baggage from my old life into my new one?

So I will only have two suitcases and a good excuse to go shopping in the Spring. Some people start a “new self” with a haircut or wardrobe, so I will be too.

Folks, what new journeys or goals will you be embarking on, in 2016? Tell me at:

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11 thoughts on “Checking In, Before Checking Out

  1. I think that’s an excellent idea! Clear off! You might tell us where you are going? If you get into trouble in England my sister will help. Europe is such fun! I love it! The libraries are brilliant, museums, cafes, silly little shops selling cigarettes and candles and yesterday’s newspapers, English hotels that are full of characters from an Agatha Christie novel, you can still get lost in Venice, drink stupidly large mugs of beer in Munich. Go to Poland if you feel like it! The Girl! This is an adventure! The beauty of Europe is the way you can catch a train and be in a different culture in two hours. I love the idea of you arriving with very little. But I do hope you have some money!

    Bon Voyage!


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