5 Miles

So I’m jet-lagged, irregular, and anxious. On my second night, I kept thinking about how I was going to find a job. Apparently this country operates on a system: bank account first, then cell phone, then an NI number, then…etc.

I guess I may be jumping the gun, as I have been here 4 full days, and sleep ten to twelve hours a day. This is not like me, but everyone keeps saying its the jet-lag…and I need to rest first.

So, I do the only thing I know how to do; I run.

I ran down the nearest “high street” and I kept running until I didn’t see any lights and the rain came down too hard to run. So I stopped under a lighted bus shelter (very neat by the way, in New York we’re lucky if our bus stops have the bus signs on them) and waited for it to die down before running back.

I snapped this photo before I turned on my little road going home. If you’re ever driving in London, these things are scary when they are coming right at you! After all, they are driving on the wrong side of the road.

Have you been to London? Or live here? Or do you just plain travel a lot? What are your tips for beating jet lag, or the best places to eat, shop, drink or even rent a flat?

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10 thoughts on “5 Miles

  1. I’m a life long Londoner and I wouldn’t l live anywhere else but it takes some getting used to. You’ll absolutely need an NI number to work. No NI number no job it really is that simple.

    Where in London are you staying? Umbrellas can be real pain especially on public transport. I recommend you invest in a warm waterproof coat and waterproof footwear if you haven’t already. Rain is a fact of life here.


    1. Yes, I was confused by what the NI number and NHS number was, I had paid the Immigrant’s health surcharge, so I thought my reference number was the same for NI. People must have looked at me really funny when I told them I had paid for my NI number and should be in the system.

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  2. You are probably over your jet lag now? You can adjust by getting up an hour or two earlier and going to bed an hour or two earlier each day. If you go to a Citizens Advice Bureau or your local council they can help inform you of what forms you need (most you can do online). It is a slow process but you can still apply for jobs while you are waiting and explain that you are going through the process of getting your NI number organised. Meet people and ask around for accommodation. It is not that good in London. Most Londoners cannot afford to live there, but then again is may be similar in New York? Have a look at flat share adverts in local free papers. Eating in pubs is cheaper that most restaurants – especially Weatherspoons until you are earning money. Are you prepared to wait on tables?

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    1. Hey Southhampton,

      I’m prepared to do just about anything. My NI application came in, so I’ll mail it out soon. In the meantime, I revamped my CV to fit the UK standards, and will be sending it out vigorously ! Thanks for your advice, I already see things coming together!

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