Lost in Translation

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So I just bought this two-way dictionary, because apparently I do not speak English. So, I do not want to offend anyone and I also don’t want to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous shop-keepers.

Well, look on the bright side, I can always add it to my resume/CV as another foreign language that I can converse in.

This past week, I have been integrating into campus life and meeting my PhD supervisors. They seem less cold in person, but maybe that has to do with the “freezing 45F/6C weather” than me. I’m sure things will warm up soon.

Overall, trying to stay positive and thanks to the advice of many good folks who have been following along, I managed to get great tips and stay on top of all things that I need to navigate the system in the UK. It hasn’t been terribly hard, as the government here likes to post things in plain English, rather than Legalese.

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The number one question from friends and family from NYC: have you met any hot guys yet?

Oh yeah, London is full of sophisticated blokes in top hats and carrying handkerchiefs who just can’t wait to take me to the museum. I’ve just been tripping over them the last two and half weeks since I landed here!

But seriously, no.

During the winter time, Londoners and Brits in general seem to want to go into hibernation and sit in their living rooms with the curtains drawn up.  Especially on a grey day like this with subfreezing temperatures of 55F/13C. Just look how nasty it was on my morning run as I discovered a quaint little town called Mill Hill.

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This was actually beautiful!

Meanwhile, New Yorkers who are facing a state of an emergency #WinterStormJonas who dumped well over 12 inches of snow reacted by buying every last loaf of bread in the city and proceeded to throw chunks of bread at Sanitation workers.

A Snow Day

Oh well, will be interesting to see how Brits react when the storm comes visits us next.

Lol, soon things will brighten up on both sides of the pond. But until then, cheerios!

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