Taking a Leap Forward

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Wow, these last two weeks have been a whirlwind for sure! Besides starting a new job collecting intelligence for the finance industry; I have also been getting out and about more. Last weekend, I went to Cumberland Lodge, which is on the estate of Windsor Castle. It was nice to be outside of London briefly, we even saw the Queen on her way to church services (the way those vehicles were driving–they were not slowing down for anyone! Seriously, why does she still drive?!). I also spent most of yesterday afternoon playing softball with an amazing group and bonding with them over a pint (half-pint for me), while watching the Man City football game.

Now, comes for the most challenging part: housing. Tomorrow, I will pay my last month rent, of where I’m currently staying and will actively look for a flat. I have been looking on a few websites and saving my search results so that I can have a realistic idea of what it will cost me to live in a certain neighborhood. Unfortunately, I have been approached by two scam artists that wanted to me to deposit money into some “government-backed depository” and mail me the keys.

I found out that government-backed depositories are the real deal here, but obviously, I wouldn’t pay for something I haven’t seen yet. There’s a swindler at every corner!

Thus tomorrow, I’m going to go see an apartment that’s available near the Finsbury Park area. It looks nice from the pictures, but the downside is that bills are not included. So what seems like a good deal can end up costing an extra 200 bucks a month. Plus, it is not as close to work and school as I originally hoped, so add on commuting costs too. But its the first day, so I’m sure there are plenty options ahead! I think a landlord would want to have me as I am looking for something long term and stable– so no need to look for a tenant every 4 to 6 months– and a place that I can treat as my home.

The saga continues….

So as I will not be posting on this date for at least another four years; tell me about a “great leap” you plan on taking in the near future. I wish for you to land on your feet!

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21 thoughts on “Taking a Leap Forward

  1. Man City? I’m not sure my daughter would approve! She’s a red devil! Sorry to hear about the con men – London has always had them. Every big city does I suppose. Hope you find a decent nest! Glad to hear you are gainfully employed! The Queen, God bless her, is a notoriously reckless driver and I guess that’s one of the perks of being the Queen. You should see her driving a Land Rover. Terrifying!


    Hugh, Midori and Annabel in Bangkok

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    1. Well, I wasn’t rooting for any particular team, although I did see swaths of red uniforms and caps from the fans riding the tube home. They seem pretty solemn. Someone at the club was mentioning, how “years ago” you would never see English fans cheering and yelping when a goal is scored or another moved is made, but now in a pub people will jump and down and such…does this mean the stiff upper lip has become more flexible?


  2. Great Leap? I am in the middle of it. I left where I lived for 30+ years with no money, no job, and no housing to see if life killed me, or turned around. I have a job, a room, and I’m thinking of somewhat changing my life goals around to facilitate making financial gains, and broader education. It has come at the expense of a love life, and the girl I was hoping to get when I moved is absent from my life, and I can’t seem to find her. So, I wish you well, and be careful of scams, and trust in the land. I suggest a trip to some countryside where you can get a real feel for the land itself. I hope my journey continues to be well. 🙂


    1. Amazing, Andersays! That is a huge leap indeed; obviously, life hasn’t killed you and you are changing things for the better. I don’t know how off the grid, I would go in terms of living off the land. I imagine that would require a serious skillset to survive.

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      1. I just meant to get away, not fully off-grid. I used to go camping far away, but that is less feasible now. I just think getting away from the constant city activities is good for the soul

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    1. Chiswick? I’ll check it out! Yeah, it seems hit or miss. Many apts that I see do include all bills or at least some of the bills. I saw this place today, and it didn’t make my heart flutter, in fact it looked depressing.

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  3. Housing in London is nuts. Both the sale and rental market moves incredibly quickly – usually within a week. So if you see something you like, put an offer in straight away. You’ll probably have to give a holding deposit for them to take it off the market. Also it’s pretty normal not to include bills in rent. You need to budget for council tax as well (which can be quite a lot!) and water (ditto!) aside from gas/electric. The best tip I can offer is try and find the area you want and then keep looking around that area – you can register with letting agents or try RightMove which aggregates a lot. Good luck with your house hunt!

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    1. Thanks Nara, I know its just like NYC, except most rental laws in the states requires that utilities bills be included in the rent. Oh well, someone told me that now with most university students settled in, this may be a good time to look as oppose to August through October when it may go up again.


      1. It’s never a good time really! Students have quite a lot of campus accommodation in London so you’re probably going to be competing against other professionals. Although depends if you’re going for a room in a flat or a whole flat? If you go for a room only then they quite often include the bills in the rent.


      2. Really? Where are you finding them? Most of the rentals I’ve had in London have been a year as standard. They often have a 6 month break clause though. Most landlords want a year minimum!


      3. Ah, I didn’t realise you were a student! They do stick with academic years a lot. For private renting, you usually don’t get utilities all included unless it’s one room in a shared house. Also, figure out your area as it makes a big difference to costs. (Ballpark: West is usually more expensive)


  4. good luck! leap years are very special to me because my youngest son was born on 2/29! as far as a leap i plan to take, i am figuring out how to travel more to different countries, which means getting better with finances and budgeting. all my kids are grown and i want to go places and see things more often!

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    1. Wonderful! Some banks have travel saving accounts that you can put money away in. There are also travel clubs that you can looking to, where you pay a membership fee, but get heavily discounted flights and accomodations.

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