Curating Your Perfect Signature Wedding Day Cocktail

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An immense amount of planning, research and preparation goes into your wedding day. From the location to the dress to the color scheme, menu and cake, your wedding is a reflection of your style, taste and, of course, love!

When it comes to the cocktails served at your wedding, the same thought and care should go into providing creative signature cocktails to serve your guests.

Here are some tips for deciding on the perfect wedding day cocktail for your big day.

Why a signature cocktail?

Wedding experts Borrowed and Blue say choosing the signature cocktail has become nearly as popular as choosing the wedding cake and is a great way for the couple of honor to express themselves.

It also serves practical and financial purposes. The site notes that the signature cocktail can ease the long line at the bar because it can be ready and waiting post-ceremony at a signature cocktail table for guests to enjoy immediately. Furthermore, many couples may choose to forego a full open bar due to the high cost, making signature cocktails a fun and financially sound option. (Having a dedicated server with trays of the cocktail of choice greeting guests adds extra elegance.)

Cater to the masses

Vodka is a fan favorite among many drinkers, and a wide variety of cocktails can be made with a vodka base. And, no doubt, your guests will appreciate high-quality spirits to choose from. (After all, on top of a wedding gift, many guests have to travel and pay for accommodations — so thanking them with top-of-the-line libations is always appreciated.)

Need some inspiration? Ketel One Vodka, for example, offers plenty of cocktail recipes on their Twitter page and is a great resource when designing your signature cocktail menu. Drinks such as strawberry, cucumber or jalapeño Dutch mule are fun and refreshing. The grilled peach lemonade garnished with (you guessed it!) grilled peaches is the height of unique and perfect for a warm-weather soiree.

You may want to also offer alcohol-free options of your signature cocktail for guests who are designated drivers or who don’t consume alcohol.

Put your spin on it suggests keeping the color of your signature cocktail in mind. You may even want to consider choosing the brightest shade of your wedding color palette to complement the atmosphere. The experts also suggest using a vodka base, because it’s an easy mixer and easy on the stomach — whereas bourbon, tequila or cognac may not appeal to everyone.

Perhaps the most fun part of all is letting your personality shine. For those travel-loving couples, a drink such as the Sea Breeze can speak to your passions. If you’re more traditional, offering a martini bar complete with the classic dirty martini may be the way to go. And for the oh-so-chic couple, a refined cosmopolitan. However, if your drink of choice is a simple vodka and soda, it’s perfectly fine to include that on your menu, too.

His and hers

If you can’t agree on just one signature drink, another option is to offer “his” and “hers” signature cocktails at your wedding. This is an adorable way to share what you both enjoy. You can even display a sign in a unique way. For example, have the “his and hers” menu etched on an old barn window or displayed on a large sign upon entry into the reception. The sky is the limit, so use your imagination!wedding cocktails, bride and groom, S.C Rhyne, interracial marriage, his and hers cocktails, the reporter and the girl

While there are no hard and fast rules, choosing your wedding day signature cocktail is an opportunity to showcase the personalities of you and your soon-to-be husband or wife. Above all, follow your gut (and your taste buds!).

Cheers to a fantastic wedding day!

Got a great cocktail idea? Share it with me @ReporterandGirl or Facebook.

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  1. I never thought in how important the planning of wedding is or how much work as has to be put in it, until someone roped me into event planning for the summer. This article or post will be informative for some and godsend for others. Thank you for putting it up.


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