Breakup Survival Kit: Finding Balance as You Cope and Grow

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It’s called a breakup for a reason. Not only did your relationship break apart, but it left your heart and life broken into a million pieces. Your every day, memories and dreams are shattered. Following such drastic change, your heart, mind and body are in survival mode, seeking every quick-fix solution to cope and help ease the pain.

Although facing the reality of the breakup and enduring the pain is all part of the healing process — yes, distractions do help you move on. Remember, this a time to reflect, learn and grow. So, seek positive distractions that align with your goals and propel you to thrive.

Also, use balance as your foundation. Throwing yourself into your career? Overworking can become unhealthy, mentally and physically. And if you dive headfirst into the dating game, you may be setting yourself up for emotional turmoil and another failed relationship by not take some time to grow alone after your breakup.

You’ve pulled yourself out from under the covers. Ready to take on the world? Check out this guide that incorporates balanced living for the woman who can conquer it all on her own.

Career Goals + Exercise

  • Focus on Your Career: More than ever now, you may feel motivated to take that next step in your career. This is a time to focus on you and set independent goals to help you grow into your best self — and this may mean within your profession. Take the plunge and earn an advanced degree or additional certification. Ask your boss for opportunities where you can extend yourself more or learn a new skill to elevate your position. Or this could be the motivation you need to leave behind an insufferable job. Looking for something more meaningful? Teaching and healthcare positions aren’t the only challenging, yet highly rewarding careers that make a positive impact on people’s lives. The world — and job marketplace — is your oyster!
  • Stay Active: Working overtime to prove your dedication can help with your growth game in the office (and maybe even in your bank account), but you don’t want to burn out. Break away from the computer, laptop, tablet and phone and get moving. Whether you jog outside or take a yoga class, exercising will improve your mood, while keeping you healthy. Exercise has direct stress-busting benefits (for those long work hours), and lowers symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety (for those moments you miss your ex), according to Mayo Clinic.

Friends, Family + Solitude

  • Use Your Support System: Even though it’s hard to believe right now, this breakup is a breakthrough. Rely on your friends and family to talk out your feelings during the recovery process. This may also be a great opportunity to reconnect with an old friend with whom you lost touch with during your relationship. If you need to build a brand-new social circle, check out, where you can meet new people who share similar interests. Down the road, these meet-ups may even lead you to a new romantic love interest without the pressure of a date or third-party setup.
  • Don’t Forget to Soul Search, Alone: Reserve time for yourself to let go, grieve, learn, heal and stay mindful. If you constantly distract yourself with happy hours or immediately sign up for the latest dating app, you won’t truly find peace. Since this is the time to focus on yourself, dig deep and get real. Ask yourself, “What are my non-negotiable values?”, “What do I want, over what do I need?” and “How can I feel empowered and confident, without the dependence of another person?”

So how do you move on from a break up? Do you still think about even though a significant amount of time has passed? Tell me about it @ReporterandGirl or post it on my wall on Facebook.

12 thoughts on “Breakup Survival Kit: Finding Balance as You Cope and Grow

  1. I try to go onwards and upwards as much as I can, but sometimes you’ll see something that reminds you of them, or you’ll stumble across their social media profile, or you’ll unearth a written note that has been squirrelled away for years and it comes back and hits you hard! Ouch! Then I guess you have to let the waves wash over you, and then move forward again.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great question! Definitely I let my feelings out (all those tears have got to count for something, haha) but I’m just sentimental I think, hence it always affects me. The same happens for friendships that don’t work out for me either. When someone has been a part of my life, even if I’ve erased them now, it seems things about them always affect me to some extent, even later, as the memories flood back 🙂
        I’m working on myself now as I read The Power of Now, so that might be happening less and less in future ❤

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Wonderful! There’s no problem with being sentimental or emphatic. As long as you are putting yourself first and are being pragmatic– most relationships do not last forever, no matter what you could have done! But the memories may be nice to reminisce about.

        Liked by 1 person

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