The Road Ahead

Good day readers,

I am writing this post in my last night in southern France. I was tired of cloudy and rainy London, and hopped on a plane very early Thursday morning, landing in Montpellier to enjoy a long and hot weekend. No one knew that before the fireworks display commemorating Bastille Day would end, that it would be marked by tragedy.

A double whammy also hit yesterday with the retaliation shooting in Baton Rouge, where an ex-Marine Sargeant open fired and killed three police officers and wounded three others.

This is our world now; endless nights of  candle vigils, dyed flowers, and crumpled stuff toys at the site of death and massacre, to show victims that we care. However, not enough to prevent it from happening again.


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6 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. This is the worst and most painful news season that I remember in my lifetime. I feel like we all need to take some real actions in our communities and governments to prevent some of this senseless violence yet many of us (myself included) are going about our days as if everything is normal. I wonder if anyone who was alive during the 1960s would think that this is like the late ’60s


    1. It’s interesting that you make that comparison, Sara. My mom actually said that’s exactly what it feels like to her just a few days ago–the late 60’s. I agree with you that it seems strange that we go about our lives as if everything is normal. We hear about a horrific event in the news one day and the next day everyone is absorbed in a virtual gaming reality. I find myself thinking, “is this real life?”

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    2. I don’t have a comparison myself (late 60s?) so I can’t say whats normal or not. There has always been this kind of violence (school shootings, police brutality cases, and bombing) in my lifetime. I think the 24 hour news cycle makes it seem that it happens more often, as well as it (bombings) is happening on our soil as oppose to “overseas”.


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