And onward to Geneva

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“It is the same with people as it is with riding a bike. Only when moving, can one comfortably maintain one’s balance.” — Albert Einstein, in a letter to his son.

With so much that happened this month, I missed writing to you all and wanted to check in. I had an annual review due on October 1st and became ill with the flu for nearly two weeks after working on this nail-biting deadline. However, I kept moving, the best I could, as I have so much to prepare for my trip in January.

I received feedback from my university about an application that I put in, to approve this field trip. I have been re-writing the paperwork for the last couple weeks. However, right now, I am spending my first morning in Switzerland, and I am so glad that I can get away from the noise.

People say when you’re sick or tired to rest or “take a break”. However, I feel that puts me off-balance and that I lose my momentum. So, this ode is for the movers and shakers, may we find peace while never standing still.

How do you keep moving, even when you feel that you’re made of lead?

5 thoughts on “And onward to Geneva

  1. Keep moving darling! It’s a big world! A lot of frontiers to cross. And your two feet will take you there. Best from Hugh in Brooklyn!


  2. The only thing I can say is “I just do.” I’ve been dog tired at times raising kids, working full time, going to school on a full time schedule, managing a household–! Ppl still ask how I did it. I don’t know.


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