30 Year Old Student

This is when you realize that your vocabulary is permanently scattered with words like “problematic” and “ontological” and “hegemony.” I’m just a monster.


Or now that my social circle consist of other PhD students that go to pubs and parties, just talk about their research. Because no one know who Ariana Grande is.


Or when all my colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, and facebook friends are married and having babies (yes, even “that guy” from high school). Life has dealt a low blow on this.

Did you ever need a reminder as to why you strayed onto the off-beaten path? I’m sure there is light at the end of this tunnel!

Tweet me or hang a picture on my wall. Solidarity!

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13 thoughts on “30 Year Old Student

  1. Studying at 30 is hard work! Good on you though, its a fine line to tread – in between the younger students and the mature aged students. It’s hard work but so worth it! I’ve only just finished my undergrad at 30, will wait a couple of years before I go post-grad. Happy New Year! 🙂


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