Friday’s Peas Mashed

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Oy, if there is one thing I can get used to living in this country, its fish n’ chips. Despite how easy it is to make this dish, I’m pretty sure I have not had it since I’ve last been to the U.K. in 2007.

On Friday, I had this plate for lunch and opted to go with mashed peas (or peas mashed) as I cannot stand peas, and was hoping the fish would cover the taste. Alas, it did not ruin my desire for this simple but filling meal.

So Americanos, here’s a history lesson brought to you via Wikipedia:

Fish and chips became a staple meal to the English working class through the development of trawl fishing in the North Sea. This provided delivery of fresh fish to the urban areas throughout the U.K. The meal was originally served in a wrapping of old newspapers, but this practice largely ceased as a result of a European Union directives, thus plain paper, cardboard, or plastic are used instead.

By mid-19th century the dish became popular in London and southeast England, and we begin to see the opening of restaurants that serve this dish; this is especially significant as it caters to working class folks. So now people can come in and sit down and eat at an affordable restaurant.

Chicken and chips is another favorite that can be found at these same establishments, I have yet to try this dish U.K. style. However, if the Brits batter and fry their chicken the same way as they do their fish, then I am sold!

Despite the fact that I am not eating as much greens (leafy vegetables) as I used to in America, but more starchy type foods, I do not feel like I’m gaining weight. In fact, a pair of pants that I brought with me is very loose when I wear it. Strange, there must be some sort of European effect that I can’t explain here.

So other than my diet, I have been adjusting to life here on so-so terms. I am hoping that it will get warm soon, so I can witness the transformation of London that I keep hearing about. I’m tired of the complaining and hoping that people will get a little more chipper with extra sunlight.

I am still looking for my own flat. I placed an offer on Friday for what I thought would be a sure thing. But hours later the agent got back to me and stated the landlord found someone else. WTF! You’re the real estate agent aren’t you suppose to be looking for tenants, not the landlord?

Another week, another grind. Easter is almost here, the term is almost over, it’ll be time for me to sniff out new job opportunities as my contract comes to a close in a couple weeks. What can I say, but soon I’ll expect the unexpected as more changes come about.

So peas, fish, chicken, and chips? What’s your favorite comfort food, home or away?

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