Sterling silver jewelry: Giveaway

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Inspiration MYCreation

Hi everybody! First off I would like to start out by saying thanks to those who have supported my blogs from day one… I’m doing this for you. There’s a lot that goes into blogging and posting pictures each and everyday, it can be time consuming and sometimes stressful but you all make it fun for me. Since I really enjoy jewelry (like who doesn’t) I supposed I would do a jewelry give giveaway ..somewhat of a Boho-like theme with a value of about $350. Each piece has it’s own unique characteristic about them and you may have seen me wear these pieces once or twice on my blog. These pieces are quite ideal and can be paired with any look or style. The jewelry I will be giving away all have hallmarks engraved with either the designer’s name and or .925 which authenticate sterling silver. This is a ONE…

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Book Review: The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!)

One of my blog followers wrote this review! You should visit her website for cool finds of other indie works!!

Is It Just Me?

FrontCover.Final - Copy Have you ever read something that resonated so personally that it could have been your own story? That’s how it felt when I first started reading   The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!)  a blog chronicling the relationship of a women in her 20’s in New York with the elusive and entrancing reporter ‘Jon’.  The blog was so popular that the author S C Rhyne published a novel based on it.

Set in New York Rhyne’s debut novel is a brilliant account of first love between Sabrien Collins and Jon Sudbury. Anyone can relate to the all consuming and overwhelming feelings that come with the ‘fall’. A compelling and truthful account with none of the stereotypical chicklit devices, you won’t find any love triangles here, just an honest and at times cringe inducing tale of love/lust gone awry. While the story is a work of fiction the…

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The Reporter and The Girl MINUS The Super Man! – S.C. Rhyne [Books]

Another book review, enjoy!

Of Musings and Wonderings

the reporter and the girlThe Reporter and the Girl (Minus The Super Man) is the story of Sabrien Collins and Jon Sudbury, two people who couldn’t be more different, who find each other through an online dating site, making sparks fly from the moment they talk.

It’s not a love story. There’s no fluffy, light-hearted romance here. Instead, it’s more like watching trains crash, one you can see from miles away that you have no power to stop. Just got to stand there and watch two trains come hurtling towards each other, unable to stop.

The writing is interesting in itself. A little bit difficult, at first, but easy enough to get into after a few pages. It’s a little jumpy, flicking between one scene and the next, but it works to add to the overall feel of this book, and in a way it makes it feel more realistic, as communication is mixed and misunderstood…

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The Reporter & The Girl (Minus the Superman) New Book Review

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The Reporter & The Girl (Minus The Superman)

SC Rhyne The Reporter & The Girl Minus the Superman

The Reporter and The Girl Minus the Super Man

S. C. Rhyne — WordPress Blogger

ISBN: 9781310170683

Available @ Smashwords

Sabrien Collins is an independent New Yorker.  Jon Sudbury is a suburban boy she finds online.  This is not a love story. It is however a story about looking for love in this electronic world we find ourselves in.

The sex is sporadic but raw in both action and emotion and portrays perhaps quite accurately what happens when lovers arrive at the same lustful place … just not always at the same time.  Texts and messages between Sabrien and Jon are often lost in translation with the receiver misunderstanding the sender’s hidden message … you know that one we hide in a statement… that’s really a question? The Author very carefully skims the surface of her characters’ wants and needs as they…

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Man Sues wife (successfully) for UGLY Children

Man Sues wife (successfully) for UGLY Children

From by Jason Sutherland

(Gotta click on the Title)

plastic surgery, asian plastic surgery, lawsuit, ugly children, interracial blog, s.c. rhyne, jon and sabrien, the reporter and the girl, asian family, family picture

And I thought I had man problems, not only is the story absurd, but so if this blogger’s take on the situation.

Expect many more of these lawsuits in the future.  It has always bugged me the way women commoditise their bodies: slathering on cosmetics, changing their hair colour, getting boob jobs, injecting botox into their faces and the list goes on and on…

Recipe: Blueberry Peach Bread

In case you need to get rid of all that extra fruit you picked this Autumn

Thanks to Mom and Dad, being the avid blueberry pickers they are, my freezer is filled with bags of the yummy, little, purple tastebombs. I put them on cereal, in my yogurt, have made blueberry scones and blueberry banana bread, but still the berries are taking over my freezer. Having a full freezer is a good thing at times, how else am I supposed to decide what to eat for dinner? The game I play now is whatever the freezer spits out (usually smashing onto my toes) is the winner.

Yes, I allow the freezer to decide what I eat.

Upon further inspection of the freezer, (as I was attempting to make room for the large hunk of beef the boy brought home from Costco) I also found I had a surplus of peaches. I wouldn’t mind the overages of frozen fruit and berries, if it weren’t for the fact…

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