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Another video!! Guys, take note of this.

Welcome to my world.

Awwwww this video is so cute… You should watch this if you are as romantic as I am! : ) – or if you’re a guy and you want to say the sweetest thing ever to the girl you love.

Seriously, when I watched this video, I had this huge smile on my face and sparkles in the eyes… I’m not kidding!

I want to meet a guy that will make my heart melt like the one in the video! I want to fall in love with “the good guy” who will be able to make me smile everyday, who will understand me, protect me, be there for me… I think every girl want to find a guy like that, right?

Yes… I am this kind of girl who is still waiting for the perfect prince charming ahah! I am sure he is somewhere in this world : ) – Don’t…

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Ch 6: I Have STD video


***Blows dust off of WordPress dashboard****

If you catch this disease, you’re not alone. I’ve shared my experience with STD: share yours with me!

G+ TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!

And Youtube:

Ch. 3 Home is Where…New video!

Hello Everyone,

Chapter 3 video is out and can be viewed on Youtube or on here under “Storyboard” tab.

Thanks again to our new artist DefinitelyJenny. And you can learn more about her under “The Artist” tab.

I also will like to announce that I will be adding some new features to the blog, there will be more life-section blog posts and guest blogger articles (from me on other blogs and from other bloggers). We have pretty much wind-down the chapter series, and I’ll have some more news about that in the upcoming weeks.

This blog has also been rated #29 in the top 100 Relationship Blogs to follow in 2013

So enjoy the video, comments/suggestion/questions/shares are ALWAYS appreciated, and Happy Hump Day!