I am the creator of TheReporterandTheGirl blog to journey among life’s most uncertain and abysmal path when forming love-lust-hate relationships.

I’m in my mid–twenties and have moved back to New York City after 6 years of term papers, tailgate parties, and three day weekends, on all 4 corners of the United States and abroad. Now that I am semi-permanently stationed in the Empire State and in my white-collar/blue jeans career; I thought that I could venture out and make a romantic connection.

I go by the pen name S.C. Rhyne for publications, and TheGirl on my blog and social media accounts.

Breaking News!!!

I met someone that I was instantly and deeply attracted to; not just his body, but I thought he was very smart, unique, and had great passion for the things he does.  He is also ardent and well versed in his interests, now WHO WOULDN’T LOVE A GUY LIKE THAT? He works as a reporter in the city, and although he has suburban roots; the reporter seems to enjoy the eclectic, diverse, and fast paced lifestyle as a New Yorker.

There are no heroes, villains, or love triangles in this story.  He isn’t a mild-mannered guy, and definitely does not have the strength of a hundred men, but he still managed to lift and carry me away to another planet.  This is where we box-stepped (because he couldn’t tango) around each other while keeping our eyes on a coveted prize.

He stole my heart, and now my experience has taught me a lot about what it means to trip head-over-heels. This is a piece of my life that is published in real time and laid out in chapters as our relationship grows and progressed. I’d love to hear some of your experiences and comments and hope that you enjoy reading my own.

**Names in the story have been created and any similarities to actual persons, either living or dead, are merely coincidental.**

Thanks for reading!


You can contact me, S. C. Rhyne at reporterandthegirl@gmail.com

© 2012 -2013 S. C Rhyne

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      1. Hi DearTabbi,

        I apologize for the delayed response. Thank you for visiting me and your kind compliments, it was my pleasure to read your work and I hope to hear more from you again!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and click the “like” button on my post today. It’s funny that someone thought it was good enough to like since it was just a stream of thought. Interaction means much when you are trying to change the world for a friend. Again, thanks. Now, I have to poke around in your world.


  2. Hello!
    I just wanted to say “Thank you” for the post of mine that you liked. It’s always nice to have people appreciate the words you might express.🙂
    And I admire the work you have done on this blog, it is quite a pleasant site to look at.

    Thank you,



  3. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the Accidental Husband’s dinner with the old folks! Stop by and check back often. After 50-plus chapters, I still don’t fully know where it is going. So we can find out together!


  4. Hi! Thanks for being my very first blog *Like*. Hopefully I can grow my baby blog into a big blog like yours soon! Also NYC is one of my favourite cities in the world. Hopefully I can visit again soon. xx

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  5. Hi,

    Thank you so much for popping along to my blog and liking my post. It really means a lot knowing that there is at least one person out there who has enjoyed my work. I look forward to browsing your own blog shortly🙂


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  6. Hi,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my most recent post. It means so much to me that there is at least one person out there who is reading my stuff and enjoying what I am writing about. I look forward to checking out your blog shortly🙂


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  7. Greatly appreciated your like, my blog is in it’s earliest of beginnings, hell primordial beasts are still being born from it, but i’m glad you spent some time away to experience a short story I have shared. More are on it’s way, I have a backlog catalogue to go through. Equally so you have a fantastic blog, keep up the great work.

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  8. Thank you so much for spending time looking at my blog. For a beginner like me, it really mean so much for someone like you to received some likes. Thank you so much. I’m inspired by your work… ^_^

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